Red caviar is the roe of salmon populating the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The most numerous representatives of the Pacific salmon are keta (chun salmon), gorbusha (humpback or pink salmon) and nerka (blueback salmon). These types of salmon come to spawn to the Far Eastern coast of Russia (Kamchatka and Sakhalin) once a year, since June to September. 

Extracted roe is to be processed within several hours so that it keeps its nutrition and gustatory qualities. Fresh salmon roe can be either salted in bine or get frozen. The best one and most wide-spread in Russia is fresh salted salmon caviar. It possesses a delicate salty taste and depending on the species of salmon, its grain can be either small and crisp or big and creamy.

In comparison with sturgeon caviar, salmon roe is more particular concerning preservation. It does not survive pasteurization, it cannot be stored for more than a month without anticeptics. That is why almost all salmon roe produced in Russia is prepared in brine with addition of preservatives (E 200, E 211). Its amount is minimum but enough to prevent bacteria contamination which might be more dangerous for health than possible side-effects of preservatives.

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