About company

We devoted more than 20 years of diligent work on the product that has always been our national pride, symbol of Russian cuisine, ‘black gold’ of Russia.
Today we are ‘Russian Caviar House’ Group of Companies:


  • owns the largest in Russia aquaculture complex farming sturgeon species and producing caviar;
  • manufactures natural, ecologically-safe and healthy product of high quality which is well-warranted by the appropriate certificates;
  • is major official exporter of caviar;
  • supplies caviar to major public and private companies;
  • is winner of numerous prestigious awards and prizes in food industry. 

What is so special about our manufacturing process?

  • We’ve got an advantageous location of the aquaculture complex (far from any industrial plants, near to energy and water supply station which allows usage of warm water);
  • Our fish is maintained in current water (not in closed-loop system);
  • We use only natural specific food without antibiotics and growth-promoting hormones;
  • We do not kill fish for caviar extraction using intravital ‘milking’ method. It enables us to receive caviar from sturgeons aged 15 years and more;
  • We strictly conform to our know-how in breeding and farming sturgeons;
  • Our experts are highly qualified for caviar selection;
  • We’ve got professional and experienced personnel who work as a well-coordinated team.

We keep traditions of real Russian caviar manufacturing and guarantee consistency of quality and taste of our caviar!


CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY for pasteurized grained sturgeon caviar.

CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY  for non-pasteurized grained sturgeon caviar.

CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY  for pressed sturgeon caviar.

ECO-PRODUCT CERTIFICATE for sturgeon caviar.

CITES Certificate confirming the aquaculture origin of caviar.  

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