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Вся икра осетровых, представленная на данном сайте, является продуктом аквакультуры и имеет необходимые сертификаты


Take a trip back half a thousand years, feel the taste of the caviar the descendants of the sturgeon species that have reigned in the Caspian Sea for centuries.

There are few sturgeons of all kinds left in nature, but the Russian sturgeon - OSSETRA -, we can say, has almost disappeared.

Russian sturgeon is a large fish, the body length of individual representatives can reach 2 meters, weight — 80 kg. Russian sturgeons live for a long time, sometimes up to 50 years.

The female gives eggs only a few times in her life with an interval of three to four years.

Over the past 40 years, the Russian sturgeon species has decreased by 90%. In 1996, the Russian sturgeon was included in the IUCN Red List. It seemed that the caviar from the descendants of these unique fish would never be tasted again!

However, thanks to the long and painstaking work of technologists from «Russian Caviar House», it was possible to breed a unique kind of sturgeon: a hybrid of Russian and Siberian sturgeon. Caviar from this type of fish combines the best gastronomic characteristics of a delicacy from two valuable breeds of sturgeon.

Unpasteurized "Royal" caviar contents 3.5% salt. We harvest caviar from fish aged 12-15 years for this sort, as the older the fish, the higher the value of its roe. 

The taste of the delicacy is multifaceted and dynamic. With each new tasting, sommeliers discover more and more gastronomic nuances in it: shades of sea urchin foam, nori, cream, asparagus. The aftertaste is long, powerful with a spicy nutty nuance. The aroma is unexpected - with notes of umami, sea breeze.

The color palette of caviar grain ranges from emerald to noble golden-olive tones. The eggs are large, delicate, which gives a spectacular memorable texture to the caviar.

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