Caviar Service

Discover the world of a unique, terrific, tasty delicacy, so beloved by gourmets – caviar! Let your guests taste sparkling "black gold" in the most unusual performance.


Dishes and appetizers with caviar are very tasty and nutricious!

    Recently, business breakfasts and cocktail receptions with caviar have become an indispensable component of the highest-level events.

    Icicles with a royal delicacy and original snacks with caviar can make any feast bright and memorable!

    Our specialists have extensive experience in catering at events of any scale.   


We can offer you caviar tasting experience: different sorts and kinds of caviar at once! 

Caviar ceremony

An excellent option for VIP-level events – a unique caviar show, which, of course, is sure to appeal to all participants. The total timing of the ceremony is 1 hour.

For the caviar ceremony, a live sturgeon is provided, it is shown to the guests and then placed on the caviar station. Guests have 5 minutes to see the fish and take photos.   

Then the work with fish starts. The total timing is 25 minutes.

The cook makes an incision and extracts the caviar from the fish. The yastiki are cleaned from the coating, caviar is passed through the sieve. Cooks invite guests to take part in a master class for cooking black caviar, for this purpose, gloves and aprons are offered.


The next stage is salting caviar. The chef salts caviar in a special container. The time for salting caviar is 5-7 minutes. After that everyone present is offered a tasting of a freshly prepared delicacy. Caviar is laid out on the boiled eggs, waitresses are serving. Timing is 15 minutes.


This caviar tasting is accompanied with a chef's narration about interesting facts in history of the legendary product, what drinks match caviar, the ways of serving the delicacy. The final word of the chef is 3-5 minutes.

We are happy to consult you on any questions. Please contact us at or via Instagram or Facebook. For caviar ceremony apply to:

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